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When did you start shipping Cesare/Lucrezia? Will Borgiacest happen?

So let's get the ball rolling then, shall we? :)  When did you guys start shipping C/L (before the pilot, during the pilot if you've seen it already, etc), and do you think we'll actually get a little Borgiacest on the show itself (a kiss, something more), or do you think the show is just going to be one big tease on this count in the end?

I've been shipping them since the trailer and shippy promo pics, lol, though I was confirmed in my passion and completely sold within the first minute they were on screen together, or even less! ;) 

They just have so much chemistry together, so much eyesexing for siblings, and yet besides the smolder he is so tender and sweet and devoted with her, you can tell she's his world, I think, the most precious thing to him, and he seems to be the closest person to Lucrezia in turn, they seem to be like BFFs.  I love the way he runs out on his sex partner, all "Oh wait, it's my younger sis I gotta go tussle with her in the grass, bye!" :p  The way he says her name, the way he calls her "my love," and holds her hand and keeps leaning in like he wants to kiss her, the words he said to his mother about dying if anything happened to Lucrezia (*swoon*) and "always" missing her presence.  It's kind of the most romantic thing ever, you almost forget they're they are sexy and hawt, sweet and tender, and also kind of epic and doomed and forbidden love all rolled into one ship--how can one resist? ;)  It's so wrong, it's right!

I can't wait to see his reaction to Lucrezia's marriages!  And I really, really hope we at least get a kiss between them...though I fear for the worse, that it will all be a tease, so many of my ships often come to nothing...:/ 

So what do you all think?
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